Unveiling Graff's Newest Commerce Venture in China


Congratulations to our customer Graff for the launch of their latest commerce project in China. We are proud to have worked on this and to be the first to launch a combined Salesforce & Alibaba Group social commerce project supported by the amazing team at ChatLabs Genuine #trailblazers.

Special thanks to Matteo Cassarino, Owen Dryden & Michel Tjoeng Graff ChatLabs and Salesforce Commerce Cloud #salesforce #alibaba #graff #chatlabs #featuremind #oneteam #china #ecommerce #socialcommerce

Further project details:

In 2019 Salesforce announced their intention to partner with Alibaba to launch digital commerce capabilities across China. With over $363Bn of revenue already in that market this was a great move to allow brands to participate in this new space. The concept of eCommerce in China is very different to what we see in other markets. It is not about a destination website, but rather builds on a ubiquitous social marketplace. In addition there are complex regulations that require data and specifically PPI, to be managed locally which means that a traditional SaaS approach won’t work. Also, the ecosystem of technology partners for other services such as order management, content delivery networks and payment providers is very different.

At FeatureMind we focussed on leveraging existing investments that Graff had made with Salesforce globally but, working with ChatLabs as the local ISV, building out a truly local Social Commerce offering. ChatLabs provide their technology platform in front of Salesforce Commerce Cloud to expose the brand and the offer, into various social channels and to facilitate payments through a variety of PSPs.

ChatLabs also facilitate the use of marketing automation tools, such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, whilst maintaining the data in the region. This allows customers to segment, personalise and target customers through social channels whilst still using the marketing automation tools that they have already invested in.

“I am thrilled to have been a part of this incredible journey. Thanks to our partnership with Graff and ChatLabs, the process was even smoother than we had anticipated. Together, we have demonstrated that releasing an amazing experience in China is a feasible and straightforward task. This success was made possible by our exceptional collaboration, and I am immensely grateful to be part of such a fantastic #oneteam”

Gökhan Girgin CTO & Co-Founder feature/mind

“The seamless collaboration between FeatureMind and ChatLabs on this project has been instrumental to its success. The expertise they bring to the table and the diligence with which they executed their work has been nothing short of exceptional. We could not have wished for a better partner.”

Michel Tjoeng Co-Founder ChatLabs

To learn more about how brands can extend their reach into the Chinese market please contact Edwin Stonestreet Managing Director FeatureMind

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