Technology startup Rierino partners with FeatureMind to deliver seamless e-commerce and digital transformation experiences in EMEA


FeatureMind and Rierino announce partnership to deliver seamless innovative ecommerce experiences in EMEA

FeatureMind, the full-service digital agency and consulting house, announced today its partnership with Rierino, the AI-backed low-code/no-code technology provider fueling ecommerce transformations through its core platform and high-impact modules. This collaboration aims to equip ambitious retailers with future-proof capabilities that accelerate in-house innovation and drive stellar performance results. Together, the teams will support enterprises in Europe, Middle East, and Africa in enhancing their digital commerce operations.

Backed by the Future Impact Fund, Rierino is a rising challenger in the composable ecommerce technology space pushing boundaries with an intuitive low-code/no-code approach to development. With its rapid innovation features, Rierino Core Platform supports B2C, B2B, and marketplaces as well as any unique business model allowing diverse roles throughout the organization to contribute to their technology. Thriving in large-scale digital-first environments, Product Information Management (PIM), Content Management (CMS), Personalization, and other mission-specific modules help kickstart transformations without going all in at once. Real-time Generative AI and ML capabilities can be integrated into any customer interaction or workflow enabling smart automation and higher productivity. From reducing development time down to a few hours to improving efficiency by 80%, Rierino’s solutions equip digital businesses and service partners with unparalleled agility to achieve their demanding targets.

“We are always looking to solve our clients’ challenges in new and better ways, and this partnership allows us to do just that,”

said Gökhan Girgin, Co-founder and CTO at FeatureMind. >“We started hearing about Rierino from our clients, and what truly stands out is the platform’s adaptability, allowing organizations to approach transformations in their own way aligned to their business strategy and technology requirements. We are excited about the transformative potential this collaboration holds for the future of ecommerce where our combined strengths will set new benchmarks and provide unparalleled value to our clients.”

With 4 offices across EMEA and over 15 years of experience delivering end-to-end digital transformation projects, the FeatureMind team has established a network of reputable clients and partners in retail. Mamas&Papas, Bloomingdale’s, Mouawad, Graff, and Tory Burch are among their distinguished clientele achieving elevated experiences across touchpoints. As an avid supporter of composable architectures and pioneering technologies, the service provider has active partnerships with Salesforce, MuleSoft, Akeneo, and other select vendors. Its handpicked team of experts provides strategy, user experience, design, and full-stack engineering services creating outstanding products from brilliant digital ideas.

With the latest collaboration, brands can expect benefits in three key areas of digital transformation. The ‘everything-agnostic’ approach of Rierino allows organizations to select their preferred methods for deployment, authentication, and security with complete alignment to company and country-specific regulations. The inclusive people-centric interfaces facilitate user onboarding and engagement with a much broader user base than typical ecommerce and development platforms. The hyperflexible architecture translates to much faster and cost-effective customizations.

“We are thrilled to join forces with FeatureMind, a standout performer in the digital landscape with an exceptional track record serving leading brands,”

said Utku Sarioz, Co-founder at Rierino. >“Their forward-thinking strategies and commitment to excellence resonate with our core values, and we are confident we will propel organizations to new heights of success. We look forward to an exciting future of innovation, growth, and mutual accomplishments.”

Through Rierino’s cutting-edge solutions seamlessly integrated with FeatureMind’s digital services, retailers can unlock a new era of possibilities, and initiatives that directly translate into tangible benefits for their business. From heightened online visibility to competitive differentiation, and improved customer engagement, going beyond standard technology upgrades signifies streamlined operations and lasting customer loyalty for brands. Both companies prioritize growth in EMEA and are eager to engage with digital enterprises looking to enhance their stack with adaptive technologies.

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